About us

ODE Technologies is a Montreal-based digital agency specialized in the development of online donation solutions for non-profit organizations and businesses. We also provide multiple digital services such as website development, the management of SEM campaigns, SEO optimization and many more.

Our vision

A strong customer relationship

We believe that having a great understanding of our clients’ reality, needs and goals is essential to choose the right donation tool for them. 

For this reason, customer relationship and transparency are our team’s priorities. We keep you informed on the progress of your project and make sure to suggest you any possible improvement.  

High-quality online donation tools for everyone

Because every project is unique, our team works hard on developing multiple donation tools that answer various needs and budgets.

By learning and working with many people in different situations, we were able to create easy-to-use donation tools that include all the functionalities required to efficiently manage your online fundraising. We also make sure that our products comply with the latest promotional tools requirements, such as the dimensions and formats accepted when sharing a campaign on social media.

A healthy work environment

At ODE Technologies, we believe that a healthy work environment means happy employees and quality work! We work hard on providing our team with a stress-free environment, and encourage efficiency by offering a pleasant, creative and motivating workspace.

ODE is more than...

2 300


$75 850 000




How we got started

In 1995, the idea of creating a personalized service for charities began to blossom. It’s only 4 years later that the associates Benoit L’Archevêque, Pierre Gagnon and Anthony Bryant officially launched ODE Technologies (Online Donation Environment Technologies).

Since its creation, ODE has set up multiple online fundraising platforms that have proved advantageous for many non-profit organizations, in terms of both cost-effectiveness and donor loyalty.


First online donation form for Opération Enfant Soleil


First multilevel fundraising campaign with Montreal Children’s Hospital


Multilevel fundraising campaign for Leucan’s Shaved Head Challenge


Official launch of Yoyomolo


Yoyomolo reaches $500,000 raised in donations


Yoyomolo reaches $1,000,000 raised in donations


Yoyomolo reaches $2,000,000 raised in donations


Release of the version 5.0 of the ODE platform

Our partners

Our loyal clients