Multilevel donation solutions

You are a registered nonprofit?
No matter your size and budget, you will find the right product for you.


Unlimited number of campaignsYesYes
Solicitation tools (emails, social media, CRM)YesYes
Data exportYesYes
Automated issuing of your organization’s tax receiptsYour choiceYes
Offline donation management (cash, check)YesYes
Donation reallocationYesYes
Payment gatewayYour choice
(Paysafe,PayPal, Stripe, Moneris, WePay, etc.)
Transaction fees per donationNone6.9 %
LicenseTBD$99 / month
PersonalizationUnlimited depending on
your needs
$1,000 †
CRM moduleIncluded +
Connects with Microsoft Dynamics CRM


$400 for the personalization of the tax receipts and $600 for the page design

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