ODE offers you the creation of an online donation form. This tool is ideal for organizations that need a simple and customizable online donation environment that requires little management.

Quick and simple donation process

Can easily be integrated to your website’s existing structure

Personalized content and appearance

Product characteristics

Customized donation form

We personalize the visual aspect and the content of your form so your online donation environment reflects your organization’s’ personality. Before our team starts developing and designing, you can choose the questions you want to show on your form, the donation types that need to be available, the information you wish to gather on your donors, and many more.

Simple and efficient management interface

An easy-to-use administration that allows you to effectively manage your form. Our donation form has its own management interface where you can operate all of your form’s aspects, such as the donations received, the tax receipts generated, the emails sent to the donors, and more.

Multiple donation options

One-time donation, monthly donation, in memoriam donation, “in honour” donation – our form offers many options to choose from. You can select the donation type(s) you wish to make available to your donors based on your organization’s reality.

Choose your payment gateway

Connect the payment gateway of your choice to your donation form. If you do not already use a specific payment gateway, our team will be happy to advise you on the right choice to make depending on your needs.

Subdomain of your website

Your donation form is easily accessible from your website. By clicking the “Donate” button, or any other button you wish to show, the donor is redirected to the form page on a subdomain of your website.

Case study:

Starlight Children's Foundation Canada

For over 23 years, Starlight Children’s Foundation has been transforming the lives of Canadian children who live with serious illness and their families. What makes Starlight unique is that they are there for the entire journey—from the emergency room to recovery. Whether it is by showing simple acts of caring, giving presents or organizing activities or major events, the Starlight Canada team is committed to bringing a smile on the face of children that are going through very hard situations.

Source: Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada

The Foundation’s needs and goals for the project

Starlight Canada needed a new online donation form that matched the following characteristics:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Connected to Pivotal, a payment gateway relatively unknown by the various online donations tools.
  • Has custom donation types fields.
  • Has a custom tribute card tool that lets users elaborate their own card.

A custom donation form

After the client brief and multiple follow-ups during the project, here’s how the ODE team successfully answered Starlight Canada’s needs:

ODE Technologies developed a 3-step online donation form easily accessible from the organization’s website’s homepage. The form is responsive (mobile-friendly) in order to reach as many people as possible.

Fully adapted

  • Every field of the form was chosen by the client.
  • The client wrote the content of all automated emails, which are sent in accordance with the requests made on the form.
  • An easy-to-use management interface was configured, where the client can, for example:
    • Modify the contact details and the information associated to donations
    • Export data on the donors and donations through complete CSV reports
    • Manage sent emails
    • Manage tax receipts
  • The organization’s tax receipts are automatically issued. The generation and the content of all tax receipts comply with the CRA laws.
  • A tribute card tool was developed especially for Starlight to let them gather the donors’ wishes and send them to their recipients.

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