Fundky is our all-in-one solution. It combines online donation forms, third party campaigns, P2P fundraising platform, and your CRM.   

A growing community raising funds for your cause

A multilevel platform with integrated solicitation tools that boost the donation collection (emailing, social media, CRM)

Customizable based on your needs and budget

CRM module that lets you go through all your data  (donors, team captains, participants, transactions) and export pre-formatted CSV report. 

Simple and efficient management of donations and tax receipts

No percentage fees on the donations

Product characteristics

User-friendly tool for your team

We offer a 100 % bilingual platform so all your team can manage everything easily.

Bilingual for real (Administration, Website, All communications to all your members.). Accessible everywhere with a simple Internet connexion (Cloud). Adapted to tablets & mobile.

Unlimited number of users and fundraising campaigns

Without any additional cost, Fundky lets you welcome an unlimited number of users! That means unlimited administrators, campaigns managers, donors, participants, etc. No extra cost !

No % fees on the donations

With a percentage fee, the more a donor gives, the less the organization has in their bank account. At Fundky, we do not want to penalize the organizations if they receive bigger amounts. We simply charge 0.50 cent $ per transaction. Check out our price calculator

Simple management of automated tax receipts

There’s no need for hard copies anymore: after their contribution, the donors will automatically receive a donation confirmation email with their tax receipt attached, in the preferred language of correspondence they previously selected. 

Included CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The platform’s CRM module lets you manage the donors, the tax receipts (re-issuing, cancellation, duplication of the receipts), the donations and the transmission of emails to all your members (team captains, participants, etc.) in one place.

Case study:

J'adore mon école

« J’adore mon école » makes Quebec schools better learning and living environments. People can register and launch a campaign to raise funds and support local initiatives while contributing to their fund for underprivileged public schools across the province.

Source: J’adore mon école

J’adore mon école didn’t have any website yet. They needed a platform where they can manage their whole operations. As their goal aim to help all schools from all levels across the province, they needed a platform with no limitation. 

Their requirement was : 

  • Fully bilingual French & English
  • Unlimited campaigns by the organization
  • Unlimited campaigns by third parties
  • Adapted to mobile & tablet
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Donation receipt automated

The charity could also use this platform as their own website. No need to acquire another website.

A all-in-one solution Fundky

Fundky was the best possible solution as it gives them all the functionalities required. 

Here’s how Fundky platform fulfilled J’adore mon école’s needs:

  • All the campaigns and their users are gathered on one platform, which facilitates the navigation for the participants as well as the donors. Members who are subscribed to multiple campaigns can use their account to manage all of their participations in one place.
  • Only one simple and efficient management interface, where it is possible to manage:
    • Donation forms
    • Bilingual platform for the administration, website and all communications.
    • All schools can create their own campaign to raise money
    • they can choose between 4 type of campaign (Single page, Participants, Teams & Participants and a mix of Single Participants & Teams and participants).

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