Social media

No matter what social networks you use, our team takes on the success of your organization on social media.

Or any other social network appropriated for your brand or project!

Strategic action plans

We define the strategy, the editorial line and every other element required to the success of your page or account on social media.

  • Definition of the objectives
  • Definition of the target audience
  • Definition of the KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Creation of the page or the account (definition of the CTA buttons, image setup, etc.)
  • Competition analysis
  • Definition of the editorial line (tone, hashtags, posts language(s), etc.)
  • Creation of the content calendars

Training and documentation

Need help standing out on social media? Depending on your needs and goals, our team will elaborate clear and detailed documentation on the topics you wish to cover. We also give you a training afterwards to help you in your learning and make sure you perfectly understand the documents received.

Management of advertising campaigns

Our team takes care of the creation and the management of your paid campaigns on social media. Our sister company and partner Génération Publicité produces the visual concept of your ads.

  • Definition of your objectives
  • Definition of your target audience
  • Definition of the campaign structure
  • Definition and allocation of the budget
  • Writing of the texts and visual design
  • Campaign setup
  • Optimization of the results
  • Timely reports elaborated by our team


From start to finish, our team takes care of your newsletters:




Sending planning

Statistics updates

If you wish to be autonomous and send your newsletters yourself, we also offer various trainings. In this case, our team will provide you with a newsletter template ready to be sent to your contacts.

Our newsletters always comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.

We mostly work with MailChimp, Cakemail and SendGrid.

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